Principles of Thriving in the Market Place Exposed at the Business Clinic Abuja

Principles of Thriving in the Market Place Exposed at the Business Clinic Abuja

Principles of Thriving in the Market Place Exposed at the Business Clinic Abuja


The free mentoring session hosted by the Business Clinic Abuja had revealed four cardinal principles for any businessperson needs to thrive in the market place especially for christians.

The session is midwifed by the Leadminds Network Service, a business development consulting firm based in Abuja to help christians in the market place to maximize their potentials to deliver their kingdom mandate on earth.

The free mentorship session hosted speakers from diverse background who challenged participants to strategically position themselves in the marketplace to maximize profit and bring glory to God through their businesses.

Thriving in the market place is anchored on four strategic principles namely – creativity, skill, passion and credibility. The various speakers spoke exploratively on the subject matters with emphasis on businesspersons to engage themselves to seek knowledge in their respective business venture.

Opening the session is Edward Adejo who spoke on the power of creativity to thrive in the market place. Adejo said creativity is the use of imagination to create something different from an original idea.

He noted that the success of any business is repeat patronage from customers and clients noting that it takes an extra effort, time and resources to achieve customers coming back to get a service.

To achieve creativity, Adejo told the participants to take out time and think through patterns and thoughts insisting that the mind is where original ideas are combined to come out with remarkable products for customers.

Adejo charged the participants to maintain constant foundational knowledge of their business, be abreast with current trend and be a student of life that is learning through their environment.

Speaking on passion as a strategy for thriving in the market, the speaker, A business strategy developer, Enoch Haruna told participants to constantly feed their passion by engaging it and to stay away from the wrong company.

Haruna stressed that passion dies but it is the most important thing needed in the market to thrive stressing that passion helps to stay on even when it is not working but fuels you to move on.

Exposing the stages of a business, Haruna said it takes a passionate businesspersons to stay on from the start-up stage to the expansion stage because it takes a business between 20 to 30 years to get to the expansion stage.

Jonathan Musa spoke on skills and the ability to do something well through spending the extra time to learn, he emphasized the need for research.

He told participants that anything that can be learnt cannot be a prayer point but should be given time and resources to be learnt.

Musa who was emphatic on the subject on skill drawn the attention of the participants on his experience when he visited Dubai, a Muslim country that is a now a tourist destination where everything is done excellently.

He said success is deliberate and intentional calling on the participants to take time to polish their skills with high level patience adding that the secret of sustaining and retaining customers in the marketplace is found in the principle of a well-polished skill.

Musa spoke on the need to use the social media rightly, saying that anything can be learnt through the social media.

In a brief admonition, the host of the free session, John Ogwuche said credibility breeds reliability in the marketplace this called on participants to render services through credibility.

The session had a question and session with a consensus that knowledge can solve any questions and it can be found through research and learning. There was a brief worship and prayer session before the commencement of the event.

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