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The Ukrainian Crimean Platform Results

The Ukrainian Crimean Platform Results

The Ukrainian Crimean Platform Results

The International summit of the Crimea Platform held on August 23rd, 2021 is a clear indication of mobilization of the international community to support non-recognition of the attempt of Russian Federation to annex Ukrainian Crimea and a decisive step towards de-occupation of the territories and returning them under Ukraine’s control.

All the forty-six delegations from the participating countries and international organizations have approved the official document the Joint declaration of the International Crimea Platform, which confirms the following:

Non-recognition of the attempt to annex Ukrainian Crimea;

A threat caused by militarization by Russia of the Azov-Black Sea region;

Ways of Crimea’s reintegration through human rights and sustainable development;

Restoration of the Crimean Tatar people’s rights.

The international community confirms that the International Law backs Ukraine in this case. Under Ukrainian Law and international law Crimea is occupied and Russia obviously has the status of an occupying power.

By its actions in Crimea, Russia violated a number of bilateral agreements with Ukraine, including the “Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership” (1997) and “On the Status and Conditions of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine” (1999) which are proofs of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Attention of the international community has been focused on actions by Russia which constitute a gross violation of the international law which includes conscription of Crimean residents, replacement of the occupied territory population by Russian citizens, mass human rights violations, enforced disappearance of Crimean residents, arrests of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, the militarization of the peninsula, persecution of religious communities, Crimean Muslims and faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Once again the main Fake of Russian propaganda about so-called “free expression of will by the population of Crimea at the 2014 referendum” has been disproved. Official Moscow still pretending like there was no UN GA Resolution 68/262 (2014) “Territorial Integrity of Ukraine” as well as the Resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE declaring the 2014 referendum as an illegitimate act, the results of which have no legal force. The European Court of Human Rights, the UN Security Council, the NATO and EU member states all share this position.

The Russian propaganda narrative concerning the “water blockade of Crimea by Ukraine” has been proved wrong completely since The Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (Forth Geneva Convention) puts all the obligations to meet humanitarian needs of the people in the occupied territories on the occupying power, it means on Russia in this case.

Ukraine will not supply water to Crimea until it is de-occupied.

Definitely the high-level and the large-scale launch of the Crimea Platform has invalidated all of Russia’s attempts to force the world to be reconciled with the Ukrainian Crimea’s occupation, as well as destroyed the main narratives and fakes of the Russian propaganda.

The Joint declaration of the International Crimea Platform remains the document which is opened for joining by the countries of the world. The issue is to be brought to the international agenda once again during the 76 Session of the UN General Assembly.

The Civilized World once again asserted that Crimea is Ukraine and that the decision to prolong international sanctions on Russia is an effective way to restore justice.

By Embassy of Ukraine in Poland and is republish by help set them free International

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