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Jerry Eze Live Service 27 March 2022 || Streams of Joy

Jerry Eze Live Service 27 March 2022 || Streams of Joy

Jerry Eze Live Service 27 March 2022 || Streams of Joy

Jerry Eze Live Service 27 March 2022 || Streams of Joy

Join today’s live streaming of Sunday 27 March 2022 Streams of Joy Church, Abuja with Pastor Jerry Eze for service. This Sunday service will change your life.


LISTEN UP Child of God! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

💯✅(Psalm 66:12)You may have passed through fires and deep waters of pain, sorrow, bitterness, diseases and afflictions but we announce: welcome to your WEALTHY PLACE… We hear laughter, Joy unspeakable, Celebrations and Congratulations, IT IS SETTLED!!!

💯✅(Psalm 102:13) The Lord arises in His Mercy to show you His Favor for Divine Settlement… The time is NOW, not next month, not next year but NOW!!! Repeated Patterns and cycles of delay BOW BY FIRE! IT IS SETTLED!!!

💯✅When the Lord says it is your Season of Divine settlement, who is that man/woman? What is that system or structure that shall arise against your manifestation??? Let them disappear by Fire… IT IS SETTLED!!!(Lamen. 3:37)

💯✅We command All Doors and Gates closed against your Divine Settlement, EPHAPHATHA!!! Enter by fire, IT IS SETTLED!!!(Mark 7:34)

💯✅By two immutable things, it is IMPOSSIBLE for God to Lie!(Heb. 6:18) Because The Lord says it is your season of Divine Settlement, We command your results, evidences, testimonies to burst out by fire!!! IT IS SETTLED!!!

Can you feel our excitement about tomorrow’s services???? We already see your testimonies of Divine settlement pouring down like rain🔥🔥🔥

See flyer for more details as you DECLARE WITH US: I RECEIVE MY DIVINE SETTLEMENT BY FIRE!!!

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Thank you for watching today’s Streams of Joy Live Service 27th March 2022 || Jerry Eze. Share with a friend, God loves and cares for us!

Streams of Joy Live Service 27 March 2022 || Jerry Eze

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