Sustaining the Prosperity Mantra of Bayelsa Governor, Senator Douye Diri

Sustaining the Prosperity Mantra of Bayelsa Governor, Senator Douye Diri

Bayelsa GoSustaining the Prosperity Mantra of Bayelsa Governor, Senator Douye Dirivernment Declares Closure of Forests for One Week

Sustaining the Prosperity Mantra of Bayelsa Governor, Senator Douye Diri


Scripturally, prosperity is all embracing be it in finance, health, academics (education), politics, career, leadership, religion among others. Success in all aspects of life is equals to prosperity. All round success is liken to prosperity. Prov. 10:22, 3rd Jn 2.

Indeed the campaign slogan of Governor Douye Diri is prosperity for Bayelsa. The miracle governor, why is he called the “Miracle Governor”? Douye Diri contested the 2020 governorship election but did not win. Chief David Lyon of All Progressive Congress (APC) clearly won and was never sworn in into office, because his running mate was nullified by the Supreme Court of Nigeria, hence Senator Douye Diri was sworn in as the miracle governor of Bayelsa State.

This could only be supernatural. The beginning of Senator Douye Diri’s first miracle as the governor of the State as much is expected of him due to his miraculous emergence as Governor though it was greeted with unpleasant violence or protest by the opposition which has become history.

However, Senator Douye Diri confirmed his emergence as the hand of God and dedicated the victory to Him alone that there is no victor no vanquish. This is an outright display of good sportsmanship in the field of party politics and should be emulated by others.

Governor Douye Diri however promised that he will heal all political wounds as well as complete all abandoned projects inherited by previous administrations in the state. The three senatorial roads at Brass, Southern Ijaw and Ekeremor axis should be given or considered as top priority in the Prosperity Government of Governor Douye Diri which will open up huge economic activities and reduce the cost of transportation and other burdens faced by the rural dwellers.

Besides, security, even distribution of wealth, affordable school fees in tertiary institutions of learning, portable water supply, good healthcare, affordable houses, effective price control, prudence and frugality in government spending must be encouraged.

Happily, the ongoing urban renewal drive, construction of new internal roads and streets in Yenagoa metropolis, Etegwe-Tombia flyover project, Glory land Drive Way, AIT-Igbogene road, construction of New Radio Bayelsa Complex (Bayelsa Media House), rehabilitation of internal streets and roads in Yenagoa among others are pointers (testimonies) of the miracle and prosperity government of Governor Douye Diri. He much is given, much is expected.

Hopefully, Senator Diri will write his name in gold as he heals all political and spiritual wounds in the state as promised. Above all, the fear of God and winning of souls are the hallmark of enduring prosperity.

In order to sustain the prosperity and miracle, the government of Senator Douye Diri must go for personal soul winning exercise (rally), have faith in God, extend his hand of fellowship to everyone irrespective of party line, as well as apply divine wisdom to manage the affairs of Bayelsa State. He should lead with love and the fear of God.

Nehemiah in the Bible was a man of God who did not use his power selfishly. He did not use his position as governor to accumulate wealth or prosperity. Because of his fear of God, he continued building the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah and Apostle Paul used their power to build up Christians, the church of Christ. The power is nothing if the prosperity Mantra deprives the people of the basic social amenities of life.

The Grace of God will continue to lift Senator Douye Diri to the next level if he will keep part of his covenant with the Almighty God that ordained him.

Sustaining the Prosperity Mantra of Bayelsa Governor, Senator Douye Diri

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