Protect Your Children Against Measles, Health Care Board Warns

Protect Your Children Against Measles, Health Care Board Warns

Protect Your Children Against Measles, Health Care Board Warns

The Bayelsa State Primary Health Care Board has urged parents to allow their children within nine months to four years to take the vaccine, which is the best way to protect against measles and its complications

Dr. Sakurogha Sakurogha James State Health Educator also said it is essential for parents to understand the risks and responsibilities associated with not vaccinating their children.

He encouraged that this sensitization campaign should be carried by all NGOs and practiced by every parent to carry out this exercise.

James who disclosed this at a One- Day Sensitization meeting on the forthcoming Measles Campaign in the State, appreciated the Stakeholders and encouraged everyone to put in every effort as the vaccine campaign would commence by 3rd Dec 2023.

He stated that, the vaccine is for children between nine months to fifty nine months old, and after this vaccination campaign it would take another 2 to 3 years for another vaccination.

The CEO/Founder of Eunice Nnachi Women Advocacy Foundation, Lady Eunice Nnachi in her goodwill message, said that the importance of measles campaign cannot be over emphasized, noting that, parents should be enlightened on the importance of this vaccination.

Lady Nnachi further said, “routine measles vaccination for children, combined with mass immunization campaigns in countries with low routine coverage, are key public health strategies to reduce global measles deaths.

“The vaccine is safe, effective, and inexpensive, let us do more by spreading the gospel, considering the potential consequences for both the child and others.”

In their separate remarks, Mac-Fisi Kenneth – SBC measles ( UNICEF) Bayelsa urged stakeholders to
accelerate measles immunization activities in order to prevent deaths attributed to measles.

Kenneth said, measles campaigns are important because measles is a highly contagious disease that can cause severe illness, complications, and even death, particularly in children.

Dr Gbanai Orukari Technical Assistant Sydani on Measles stated that, children who contract measles without vaccination may suffer from lifelong disabilities, such as blindness from mumps or brain damage from measles

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