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Christians in Politics and Governance: A Case for Bayelsa State

Christians in Politics and Governance

Christians in Politics and Governance: A Case for Bayelsa State
Governor Douye Diri

Christians in Politics and Governance: A Case for Bayelsa State

Solomon Olali-Igabo, a public affairs analysts writes on the impact of Christians in politics and governance in Nigeria with a special reference to his home state, Bayelsa.  

Since the emergence of politics in Nigeria from 1999 to date a lot of havoc and destruction have caused unimaginable sufferings in the polity by the political actors and their followers over who controls the government at all levels.

In every election there are reported cases of killings, destruction of property and hijacking of electoral materials that marred the electioneering process with gory pains where most youths became vulnerable or victims.

The purpose of politics and governance is to bring leadership and tangible development to the citizenry but the reverse is the case over the years. Most politicians forced themselves into power because of material gains instead of serving the people faithfully that elected or voted them into power. This trend has not changed over the years till date.

Gun-boat politics is the order of the day where miscreants and hoodlums are the deciding factors of every election in Nigeria thereby discouraging the very credible candidates or aspirants the benefit to occupy elective offices.

Politics and governance is serious business and not meant for all comers affairs. Especially the youths who often times become victims of political crises. Unguided youths mortgage their future and destiny in dirty politics for lack of vision.

The game of politics is for matured and visionary people and they must be prepared and responsible as well. Every responsible government or leadership will not shy away from providing the basic amenities of life such as portable water supply, steady electricity, security, good roads, and affordable healthcare among others.

Sadly, the average politician is regarded as selfish, deceiver, liar and armed robber. Here in Bayelsa State, the Glory of All Lands has had its fair share as hot bed of politics.

This is where the Bayelsa State Chapter of the Christians Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN) becomes relevant. It is a wakeup call for the body of Christ to take her destiny in our own hands henceforth, the reason being that sinners have held sway in politics and governance since the creation of the state.

Interestingly, Christians have been mandated to pray and choose leaders at all levels of government in every election in the state and not for sinners to decide who governs the people anymore. This is a welcome development. When the righteous rule the people rejoice.

Above all, we should elect honest and God fearing leaders (politicians) with vision devoid of parochial interest. However, the church should not be used as stooge to antagonize other political parties, while it can equally pray for leaders in authority because power belongs to God.

It is instructive that pastors should also go extra miles to caution their members to play politics with decorum and shun the tendency of spilling blood during election. After all life does not consist of the abundance of the things he possesses, it is far beyond that. Luke 12:15.

We must elect genuine Christians with Godly character, integrity, good conscience and excellence as well as detribalized aspirants into corridors of power.

For instance, in the political arena, followers are betraying their leaders or principals for pecuniary gains like internet fraudsters (yahoo boys) of today. Similarly, Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world was betrayed by his closest Minister of Finance, Judas Iscariot. Such followers or politicians are holding sway in today politics as political prostitutes junketing from one party to another for their stomach sake.

It is my earnest prayer that let the peace, joy and victory of Jesus Christ, rest upon the Body of Christ in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

Christians in Politics and Governance: A Case for Bayelsa State

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